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Trend in Reporting on Bob Jones University?

When I saw the description in the first article, I thought it was just an example of a reporter’s not straining himself when doing research. That’s because when reading an MSM article I’m used to seeing “Bob Jones University” followed by “the controversial conservative school that formerly banned interracial dating,” or something to that effect. […]

The Diss’ Returns to Work

I’m Being Retentive About Retention

The spokesman at my alma mater gives a figure that doesn’t match my experience: Pait acknowledges that students sometimes feel as though the school’s policies “cramp their style.” However, the university maintains an extremely strong retention rate; sometimes as high as 95 percent. I think my freshman class had about 1500-2000 members, and I remember […]

First Thing to be a Non-Blog Blog, Now Blogs, Sort of

I’ve been saying the same thing for a long time, so it’s gratifying to see I’m in good company: First Things’ section “The Public Square” was the first blog, albeit in print. Richard John Neuhaus tries to deny that fact on First Things’ new web-blog (that supposedly also isn’t a blog; whatever it is, it’s […]

Stuck in a Rut

Journalists love to get “both sides” of an issue, so nothing could be a better setup for a story on the conflict between creationists and evolutionists than this: two rafts traveling through the Grand Canyon, one led by a creationist, the other by an evolutionist. On the former is a “pastor’s wife from Greensboro, N.C.” […]

Limited Amusement

A little humor via my friend Greg. Or, “I feel like we were destined for each other.”