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Another Excuse to Bash Bob Jones University

The administrators of Bob Jones University were wrong and foolish to officially discourage inter-racial dating, so they’ve brought on their own heads (and the heads of graduates like me) much of the criticism in the press. But as inexcusable as the school’s former policies were, there’s no justification for perpetuating falsehoods about it, especially since […]

Roberts and Jones Redux

I’d already pointed out that Supreme Court nominee Roberts had harsh words for former Bob Jones University president Bob Jones, but today the AP is running an article that provides some more details: Documents obtained by The Associated Press showed that Roberts, then working as an assistant to White House counsel Fred Fielding in 1984, […]

Give Her Some Credit

Bob Jones University is seeking accreditation now, and that’s a good thing because the increase of degree mills and consequent backlash is likely to make this not an unusual case: Melinda Benton, who has taught at the Winchester college since 1996, filed suit in 2001, seeking an injunction barring the state from enforcing a law […]

Choraling Rutter

Kudos to Dan Forrest. I didn’t really know him that well, but we were in at least one music theory class together in college. Apparently he needed the class less than I, because he just beat out John Rutter for first prize in the John Ness Beck award for outstanding selected sacred choral anthem. No […]