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Journalists, Adrift, on the Holy See

A while back Richard John Neuhaus suggested that maybe not all journalists are thoroughly educated about religion.

Don’t Be Left Behind

A friend with Washington connections alerted me to the latest move in evangelical political thought: With the prospect of Republicans losing control of one or both houses of Congress in the 2006 midterms, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins are starting a campaign in churches to support pro-family candidates. It’s called “Left Behind but not Left […]

Boston’s Quiet Revival?

Writing in Christianity Today, Rob Moll believes there’s a revival afoot here in Boston. In fact, evangelical Christianity is thriving in Boston. During the past 30 years, church growth, fueled by evangelical university groups and immigrant communities, has dramatically outpaced population growth. At the same time, mainline denominations have dwindled and the abuse scandal in […]

UC, BJU, and the Culture Wars

The Economist situates within the culture wars the pending lawsuit against the University of California, in which the plaintiffs accuse the UC admissions officials of discriminating against Christian high school graduates who took courses taught from textbooks published by Bob Jones University. Welcome to the latest front in America’s culture wars. The Association of Christian […]

Christmas Cheer from our Northerly Neighbors

Here’s the start of a recent Globe and Mail article: (HT: small dead animals) Christmas is fast approaching, and with it, the dilemma of what to give the less likable people in our lives: office mates, ex-spouses, born-again Christians. My self-esteem hangs largely on what the Globe and Mail writers think of me, especially their […]

Toronto Sun’s Glare

It’s nice to know what the Toronto Sun thinks about Evangelicals (HT: relapsed catholic). Maybe next week the editors will reveal the secrets of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Robertson’s call to murder cast a spotlight on the growing power of the loopy religious far right, grouped under the banner of the Christian […]