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Marathon Monday

After the Fourth of July, Marathon Monday is the most festive day in Boston. People turn out all along the marathon route to cheer on over 22,000 runners, to grill in their front lawns, and to celebrate the Red Sox’s hometown win. The top three women pass near my home; from left to right they […]

Boston LinuxWorld

Today I dropped in on Boston’s LinuxWorld Expo. I was surprised at how few attendees there were; maybe it had to do with today’s being the last day of the conference. Those at the booths seemed a little desperate to get rid of their free t-shirts and pens. I’m probably naïve to think this odd, […]

Boston’s Quiet Revival?

Writing in Christianity Today, Rob Moll believes there’s a revival afoot here in Boston. In fact, evangelical Christianity is thriving in Boston. During the past 30 years, church growth, fueled by evangelical university groups and immigrant communities, has dramatically outpaced population growth. At the same time, mainline denominations have dwindled and the abuse scandal in […]

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

I should mention that both streets at this intersection are one-way.

Reminds Me of South Carolina

For most of today the skies were clear and not a sign of snow. But grocery checkout lines backed down the aisles as people raided local stores for bread and milk. The TV announced church and Monday school closings—all because of an impending, as yet to be seen, Nor’easter.

Cop Out

Boston City President Michael Flaherty has recently suggested hiring an additional 350 police officers, something Mayor Thomas Menino says the city cannot afford. At any given moment there are probably hundreds of Boston police officers standing around watching as construction crews do road work. In other parts of the world, cones and flagmen are sufficient […]