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Brookline: “No We’re Not Part of Boston!”

Though surrounded by Boston, the 300-year-old town of Brookline is its own city. At the border of Brookline and Brighton—a neighborhood of Boston—you can see that each town seems not to take account of the other, at least with regard to fire hydrant placement (hydrants usually are more than just ten feet apart). From what […]

Museum of Fine Arts

Today we visited the Museum of Fine Arts. I think my favorite part of such museums are the galleries with ancient art. It seems like there’s always a lion from the side of Nebuchadnezzar’s palace; an Assyrian bas relief of a warrior with a massive, braided beard; and Grecian urns. What I hadn’t seen in […]


One of our smartest choices in moving to the city was to sell our cars. We don’t have to worry about automotive fines, taxes, payments, repairs, or insurance, and we can mostly rely on the T to get us where we want to go. But occasionally there are places remote enough to make the T […]

Memorial Day Bike Trip

Not That You Needed Proof . . .

. . . but here’s more evidence that Massachusetts is a one-party state. Apparently, Republicans will let anybody on the ticket: Ted Kennedy’s Republican challenger is claiming that Kennedy isn’t liberal enough. Kenneth Chase, a language school owner from Belmont, said Kennedy _ and not the Republican presidents who launched each war _ was responsible […]

Another Reason Not to Own a Car in the City

This poor guy has about ten tickets. Someone should let him know this isn’t the dream parking spot he thought.