Cell Tower in Your House

This is what I need: my own “femtocell,” a cellular phone base station that you can put in your home. It connects through your broadband Internet to give your phone a strong signal. I don’t use a landline, and despite being in Boston my connections are sometimes embarrassingly poor, often losing the signal mid-call. So what I really need is for Sprint to put up more towers. But that’s not likely.

Even better would be if my phone could just switch to Wi-Fi and make VoIP calls whenever possible.

But all these things involve involve giving the customer more and better choices, something cellular phone manufacturers and service providers seem reluctant to do.

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  1. T-Mobile’s “HotSpot @Home” service uses Wi-Fi to improve coverage in the home. It’s available today. In fact, yesterday T-Mobile just launched the RIM Pearl with the “HotSpot @Home” capability. There is a pretty good lineup of handsets available.

    It will be a while before Sprint ever gets their femtocell service to Boston.

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