Boston Turkeys

The Boston Globe has noticed the increasing number of turkeys in the Brookline area. As I mentioned a while back, I’ve seen them a number of times in Brighton and in Newton. Surprisingly, the Globe article says that the Brookline police department sometimes gets a dozen complaints about the birds every day. They are an impressive sight—these giant birds that seem to come from nowhere—but calling the police seems excessive, especially since they seemed more skittish than scary to me.


  1. Maybe they should come to Greenville County and track the bears. They’re pretty skittish too; but at least bears are bigger and are reputed to be more dangerous than turkeys. (That gravatar placeholder looks like the finial of a newel.)

  2. Don’t call the Northampton (PA) County sheriff’s office. There was a sheep wandering on one of the roads up there a few months ago. Rather than herd it off the road or make an effort to call the nearest farmer, to whom the poor thing almost certainly belonged to, the officer who responded simply drew his Glock and killed it. Wasn’t a good shot either – even from a few feet away he still took two shots to put it down. The farmer was, understandably, upset…there was even talk of a lawsuit in the works, but nothing ever came of it.

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