Pepsi vs. Coke: Who’s the Worst Driver?

Pepsi Truck

It’s happening again this morning, but this time the stuck truck driver can’t blame an illegally parked car, as was the case in January.


  1. Maybe they need to switch to “Diet” trucks.

  2. Ha! :)

  3. Okay, props to the Coke truck for trying the impossible; negative points to the Coke truck for being stupid enough to try the impossible. In the case of Pepsi, we’re just talking inept.

  4. lets see you guys drive a tt unit

  5. Looks easy huh? Try it sometime!!! The ones leaving negative comments are the same ones that complain when their favorite store doesnt have their facorite drink.

    Good Job to both drivers for getting the job done!

    And yes I drive too.

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