New WordPress Plugin: Hide Emails from Spambots

Over a year ago I showed how I like to hide email addresses using JavaScript. A recent project made it convenient to wrap that into a WordPress plugin.

Basically, it looks for email addresses within posts and pages and converts them into a form that JavaScript then renders normal-looking.

For example, my address, (located at) gmail (dot) com looks like this to those not using JavaScript (e.g. spambots): (at) gmail (dot) com, but that’s not how I entered it, and it’s not how it’s rendered (if you’re using JavaScript).

Download it here.


  1. I’ve assumed that spambots will get smart enough to find longhand versions (e.g., johndoe[at]yahoo[dot]com ) in their different variations as well. What do you think?

    One solution I’ve used, which is a little clunky, is to use a GIF for my @ symbol.

  2. I figure it’s prohibitively expensive in time and resources for spambots to use the regular expressions necessary to find obfuscated addresses like johndoe (at) yahoo (dot) com, because of how common are “at” and the letters in top-level domains, like “com” or “net.”

    Supposing I’m wrong, I guess it would be pretty simple just to add garbage around the name, like johndoe #ignore this# (at) #and this# yahoo (dot) com, especially since 95% of people won’t see it.

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