Powers of Ten

This short film is a lot of fun, or at least you might think so if you like space, science, physics, and math, or you’re bit nostalgic about those films they showed you in grade school science class.

By the way, I instantly recognized the narrator as former MIT professor Philip Morrison, who hosted a delightful PBS series in the 1980s called The Ring of Truth.

After you watch the original “Powers of Ten,” be sure to see the Simpsons’ version.


  1. Excellent post.

  2. Fun. That does take me back. I always like footage that zooms away from the earth like that. I can’t imagine creating this film with, well, film (not digital technology).

    I think this guy illustrates the importance of keeping those powers of ten straight:

    May 2001: A trader at Lehman Brothers mistyped a trade and wiped 30 billion off the stock market. He wanted to sell 3 million of stock but typed too many zeros and sold 300 million. (Entire Story)

  3. Also reminds me of the intro to Contact. A God’s eye-and-ear view.

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