Pay No Attention to the Tag Behind the Cloth

I set off alarms everywhere I go. Or at least when I’m wearing my stylish new pair of $20 jeans from Old Navy.

jeans tag

I first noticed this at Barnes & Noble, when I was going into the music department. When the bells went off, the guard standing watch next to multi-disc collections was just glad to have something to do. He was certain the explanation would be in my pockets, but free of wallet, cell phone, and keys I still beeped. (Since then I’ve learned that CVS, Star Market, and Kmart employees aren’t as vigilant.)

The picture is about life-size, which says something about my powers of observation, because the first time I got around to looking for the tag, I couldn’t find it. I expected it to be sewn between layers or maybe inside of a seam, not staring me in the face, saying “REMOVE.”

So does this really prevent theft? I—mostly upright and honest citizen—am probably the only person who didn’t know about the tag. I’m sure the pro shoplifters will leave them strewn about the changing room floor, just like they leave their CD cousins in between rows of CDs. And these jeans tags don’t even require a razor blade to slice out.

So my advice to Old Navy: make the tags really hard to find. It might actually deter shoplifting, and people like me who get a little embarrassed at other stores won’t feel like morons for not noticing them earlier.

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