Not Sure I Get the Parallel

Life Takes Risk Life Takes Visa

Are they saying that using Visa is like drinking spoiled milk?


  1. Amazing how big companies waste money on weird ads. I can imagine the agent plugging this one, “This ad demonstrates that VISA is willing to take risks” and the VISA executive nodding. At least it’s better than with the possible second line, “VISA takes life.”

  2. That’s pretty gross…

    using VISA…you might really want to buy that new pair of shoes, but once you bring them home you’re going to be bummed out you have to pay for them at the end of the month.

    –RC of

  3. I suppose the idea is to get the public to think about the meaning of the ad and focus on Visa, however the message it conveys is either that taking or using Visa is a risk! And, for many people, I guess it is.

    Philip L. Franckel Esq.
    Lawyer Advertising Blog

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