Those Devilish Details

This past weekend I rented a car for one day from Budget. The advertised daily rate of $35.99 for unlimited mileage seems like a great deal, right? Of course it’s a little different from what you actually pay.

First, add on $3.75 for the “customer facility charge,” (“let’s recover our overhead in an additional fee”). Then there’s the 6% “Rhode Island Rental Surcharge” (“that’ll teach you to visit the Ocean State”). Next the 10% “concession recovery fee,” meaning, “because we’re at an airport the ‘customer facility charge’ just didn’t quite cut it.” Throw in the normal tax rate of 7% (Rhode Island: “Ha! gotcha again”) and “supplemental liability insurance,” and the total is $64.16, close to twice the listed rate.

The sad truth is that it’s still a good deal, and I’ll probably do it again.

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