Western Union Telegrams Come to a Full Stop

Not that I was a big user, but there’s something a little sad about the disappearance of what was revolutionary technology almost 150 years ago.

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  1. Those old enough to remember receiving a telegram will remember that it was a heart-stopping business. More often than not the telegram was bad news, sometimes very bad news.

    I do have one good memory of a telegram—I think the last one I ever received—at the moment old technology intersected with the new. In 1968 I received a tiny fellowship from the University of Cincinnati during my senior year at BJU. About a week later, I received a letter from the graduate school rejecting my application for admission. Then the next day, I received a telegram, which basically said, “Forget the rejection letter. Explanation by mail.” The eventual letter admitted that everyone on a computer list of fellowship winners was also sent a rejection letter.

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