Coke Truck Stuck in Bottleneck

What do you do if you’re a semi-trailer driving through the narrow streets of a residential neighborhood, and you can’t make a turn because of an illegally parked car? (The white Cirrus shouldn’t be parked on that side of the sign.)

First, you try having the people across the street move their cars.

When that doesn’t work you call a tow truck, who drags the car to the side . . .

. . . so he can tow it away.

Coke to the people!


  1. Interesting post, but I must say it was kind of lame. First of all, in Brooklyn(!), the Coke truck coulda made that turn. Second, who needs a tow truck? I prefer the method we saw our neighbors use when someone parked in front of his garage. The local Italian geezers lifted the each tire onto a piano dolley and then rolled the car to a new parking spot, where they left it. Imagine the mind games when the person returned to find it parked somewhere else!

  2. Yeah, I figured he could’ve made it backing-up a few times, but then I’ve never driven a semi.

  3. Note to people who are borrowing other people’s cars next week: don’t park it there ;o)

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