We’re Gonna Have a Boy

Today about 18 weeks into the pregnancy, we had our second ultrasound exam and saw for ourselves that we’re going to have a boy! He was moving around quite a bit, so it was tough to get good pictures, but here they are. The first is looking straight at the head, and the second two are profiles of the head. In the third, you might be able to see a hand in thumb-sucking position.


  1. Are you sure it isn’t an elf? The spectral imagery of the shots give it away. Either that, or this kid has some awesome ninja powers!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Yeah. I call that first picture “The Terminator.” The little guy was hyper today, which made it tough to get good still shots. For a minute, he had both of his fists up like he was ready to duke it out with the ultrasound doctor. And when my other doctor was listening to his heartbeat, he kept kicking against the doppler. :-)I’m afraid I’m going to have a few bruised ribs before this is all over.

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