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Making cookies

For the Christmas holidays we visited our families in Tennessee and South Carolina. First is a picture of Melita, Becca, Steve, and Lianna making Christmas cookies. It started with Lianna’s headless cookie, and then we got increasingly … uh, creative, as we expanded to cookie mutants and household appliances. Funny how those cookies didn’t appear when guests were over for dinner.

John and Rachel Matzko at the Reedy River Bridge, December 2005
Camperdown Way BridgeLiberty Bridge
Austin and Melita Matzko at the Reedy River Bridge, December 2005

In South Carolina, the weather was in the upper 60s; we had a beautiful day to visit the relatively new (it’s the first time we’ve seen it) Liberty Bridge that spans the Reedy River Falls in Greenville. The Reedy River Falls, the birthplace of Greenville over two centuries ago, was hidden since 1960 behind the Camperdown Way bridge, pictured in black and white. Over the objections of commuters, in last few years the Camperdown Way bridge was demolished as part of the long-running (and quite successful, in my opinion) redevelopment of downtown Greenville. We shot the pictures of my parents and of Melita and me atop the graceful Liberty bridge with the falls in the background.

Melanie, Jen, Steve, and Melita

The day after we arrived back in Boston we had dinner with friends, most of whom had just arrived in town themselves, at the newly opened Applebee’s in Cleveland Circle. Pictured are Melanie who has been visiting the States from Hamburg, Jen, Steve, who returned not long ago from the Marshall Islands, and Melita. Naturally our conversation turned to our travels and the differences among cultures here and abroad.


  1. I still can’t believe you guys went to Applebees without me!

  2. When you get back to town sans wisdom teeth, we’ll have to have a special Jello for Jess night at Applebee’s.

  3. Thanks Austin….you’re so thoughtful.

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