New Plugin; Now I Can Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

Uploading is the main reason I haven’t yet upgraded this blog to the recently-released WordPress 2.0. Older versions of WordPress let you choose the directory for your uploads and what size to make thumbnails of your uploaded images. WordPress 2.0 took away those options, options I’m not ready to give up.

My new plugin, Filosofo Old-Style Upload, restores those old uploading features, putting the “Upload” tab in its familiar menu spot and allowing changes to uploading options under Options » Uploads.


  1. This is a fantastic plugin, just what I was looking for. But theres one feature I really wish it had! I want to be able to let Level 0 users upload files as well! What changes can I make to do this?
    Apart from that its a wonderful plugin, I can make good use of it if Level 0 users can upload.

  2. John, in the plugin code, find this text by doing a search:
    for ($i = 1; $i < 11; $i++) {
    and change it to
    for ($i = 0; $i < 11; $i++) {
    That should make Level “0” an option.

  3. Yes, I tried doing that and selected 0, but it goes straight back to 6 again.

    If you change that and:

    ‘fileupload_minlevel’ => 6);
    ‘fileupload_minlevel’ => 0);

    It allows you to select 0 and keeps it. The “Upload” tab then appears for 0 level users. But if they click on it, it says “Sorry but you are not allowed to upload files”.

    Thanks for the help and such a fast reply.

  4. The problem is that “0” returns false when it’s retrieved from the options table. So, in addition to making the default “0” as you said ( 'fileupload_minlevel' => 0), comment out the following

    if ( !$this->get_settings('fileupload_minlevel') )
    die (__("You are not allowed to upload files"));

    like so:

    //if ( !$this->get_settings('fileupload_minlevel') )
    // die (__("You are not allowed to upload files"));

  5. That’s fantastic, thank you very much for all of your help, and such quick replies. After a little more editing I’ve managed to sort it out to completely the way I want it. Your amazing plugin has turned out to be lovely and easily customizable. Thanks again. Expect a pingback shortly.

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