What in the World is Wrong with the Times?

World magazine notices the same New York Times article I pointed out earlier, and Joel Belz also wonders what the author had in mind:

The problem is that Mr. Vinciguerra is artfully ambiguous and doesn’t quite come clean with his readers. At first blush, any of three radically different possibilities might be in play:

1. Mr. Vinciguerra may conceivably be offering his readers a genuine choice: “Read the evidence, and then decide for yourself, folks, who’s right in this fascinating debate.”

2. Or he may have read the evidence himself, been pleasantly surprised at what the high-schoolers were studying, and is therefore asking his readers: “Can you believe that the snobs at the U. of California would really exclude kids for studying something that makes such good sense as these excerpts exhibit?”

3. Or he may be asking what I think (and fear) he really is saying: “Can you believe these Christians are coming to a court trial with such wacky ideas and actually hoping a 21st-century judge will uphold them?”

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