T Camera Policy: Clicks for Flicks not Chicks

I think I just took another picture of my ear

Yesterday when I was riding the T, the driver twice reprimanded someone for taking a photograph on the train. The first time, a woman with a large SLR was getting her friends to lean together for the shot, but he stopped her just in time.

In case you are unaware, this is part of the war on terror. Despite the fact that about every miniature electronic device now includes a camera, the MBTA forbids any obvious use of photography. Unless you’re willing to spend $375 an hour, in which case you can set up a film crew.

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  1. Unless they’ve changed the policy in the past couple of months, you can still get a free photo pass. But, of course, you have to show up in person at the Transportation Department and apply for one and then show up again in a week or so to pick it up (before the DNC, you could get one right away; damn Democrats!).

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