Trend in Reporting on Bob Jones University?

When I saw the description in the first article, I thought it was just an example of a reporter’s not straining himself when doing research. That’s because when reading an MSM article I’m used to seeing “Bob Jones University” followed by “the controversial conservative school that formerly banned interracial dating,” or something to that effect. Now I’m hopeful that the new description will become a trend. Enough of this, and I won’t cringe so much when someone asks me where I got my undergraduate degree.

“We are Christians,” said the younger Joe Gatas, a marketing-management graduate of Bob Jones University, a South Carolina school whose Web site lists readings from the Bible.

And that’s the base of the GOP base — a county that routinely produces the biggest Republican vote margins in this red state and that is home to Bob Jones University, an evangelical institution that posts daily Bible readings on its Web page.

That’s right–I’m a graduate of Bob Jones University; you know, the school that posts Bible readings on its Web page.

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