Yoda Origami

Yoda Origami

My talented wife’s been trying origami recently, so she did this Master Yoda that appeared on digg today.


  1. Impressive… Most impressive.

  2. Very nice job! I want the instructions for replicate it :D

  3. yes.
    we are.

  4. I have been trying for so long, how do you do step 6,7,8

  5. If you think that’s bad, take a look at some of the later steps! :) Honestly, I had to backtrack repeatedly (good thing it was a soft lokta paper). It’s tough to verbally describe a step, but if you have a guide to origami symbols it will definitely help you figure out the diagram. This symbol guide at oriland.com is my favorite. Print out a copy and use it as a reference.

  6. “hmmm! awesome, it is!”

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