Cold Dish of Revenge for a Catty Coworker


This appeared on this week’s PostSecret which, gentle readers, is sometimes R-rated.


  1. I’m aware of this site. I think it’s mostly bogus. Mostly, the inventer/author does her own fictitious things.

    What do you think?

  2. I think that’s quite plausible. I have thought that certain cards were faked to have fun with someone, by saying something embarrassing about a person who would be easily recognized by his friends or family.

    There are a several points in support of your theory:

    • There’s a remarkable consistency of style, handwriting, theme, & technique across postcards.
    • The cards tend to use the same terms to refer to the same kinds of events, even though we would expect a variety of phrases or slang.
    • The site owners don’t archive the cards, making it harder to catch missteps.

    Is that what you were thinking?

  3. Exactimento.

  4. The format and style of the “postcards” is not QUITE as uniform as the cartoons posted on this site–

    –(which is one of my very favorites), but it’s pretty close.

  5. These cards are real. I myself have had two appear there, and a couple of friends have had cards there also. They are all legitimate, and I know that the project is real. Franks receives cards from all over the world. Try sending a secret, you will feel remarkable after you do.

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