Foucault Flouted

Today Professor R. said that he stopped reading Foucault when he checked Foucault’s copious footnotes and found that Foucault never cited anything beyond page 89. That reminded me of this article in The Onion: “Area Man Well-Versed In First Thirds Of Great Literature.”

And Prof. R. had this to say last week: “Habermas is a gasbag, and Derrida was either insane or a charlatan.” Further evidence that R. is the right man to help us navigate Hegel.

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  1. Derrida and Hegel—?
    Hmmm that’s interesting.

    How about Immanuel Kant and Louis Kahn. Just for the sake of some alliteration and still within the Derrida-Hegel circle impossible. Refreshing?

    I guess I don’t agree, therefore I support it visciously.

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