BU Third-Fittest University

As part of Men’s Fitness’ first annual collegiate survey, the magazine ranked Boston University the third-fittest student body nationwide in their October issue after surveying more than 650 schools.

BU came in behind only Brigham Young University, the country’s fittest campus, and the University of California-Santa Barbara, whose state-of-the-art Recreation Center (RecCen) opened in 1995.

I’m surprised, not because I think BU students are more out of shape than others, but I’d expect all of the top spots to be filled by universities in more temperate climates, such as BYU and UC-Santa Barbara.

I don’t see many runners out with me after the snow has set in, but they do seem to come out in full force when spring rolls around. So either everyone makes up for winter lethargy during warmer months or they’ve found someplace indoors to exercise, like our new fitness center.

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  1. I bet Oral Roberts University is feeling burned right now. (At least I think that was the school that set weight goals for their students in order to keep everyone in shape?)

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