Commuter Rail Accident

My wife knows this man because he works for another branch of her company across town.

An Ipswich man is in critical condition after he tried to exit a moving commuter train and fell from an elevated platform into the train’s path, MBTA officials said.

John Nathan Smith, 31, suffered severe injuries. His left arm was severed and he had back and brain injuries. He was still unconscious Wednesday morning.

The accident took place at about 7:20 p.m. Monday as the train was leaving Ipswich Station en route to Newburyport.

MBTA Police spokesman Joe Pesaturo said Smith opened a side door of the train and tried to step onto the platform after realizing the train was pulling out of the station at his stop.

Smith fell four feet to the ground where he was hit by the train as it departed from the station.

Pesaturo said the train crew was not aware of the accident until it was reported to them after they left the station. Two passengers on the train who disembarked in Ipswich saw a commotion as police cruisers arrived, but they didn’t know what had happened.

It’s very sad, and it’s frightening because it’s the kind of thing we all do when we’re in a hurry. And though the article says he opened the door, the last time I rode the commuter rail I was surprised at how casual the ticket collectors were about leaving the doors open even when the train was at full speed.

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