New Again

I love the first day of school. The air is just a little bit cooler, and all the students are excited about starting the school year–some of them about beginning college for the first time. I’m anticipating the classes I’m taking and the ones I’m teaching; I’m going to learn new things and maybe so will some of my students.

Now if only I could keep that same excitement into early November, when papers will really start weighing down on me. I guess nothing gold can stay.


  1. Yes, that would be a helpful quality, for many of us…

    But you should have seen me last November… With being CR Chairman here, and with a 4-year election season, it was unbelievably hectic. I stayed up all night for like three days that month (though I did get some sleep during the day). It was maddening…

    This November should be much more calm, but then again, we need stuff to do this term, to keep people interested and active.

    It must be nice being in SC, if you’re a conservative student. Being here in the ‘Land of Lincoln,’ things can be tougher.

    Nice blog!

  2. It must be nice being in SC, if you’re a conservative student.

    Aakash, thanks for dropping by. I do have friends and family in SC, but I live in Boston–not exactly a bastion of conservatism.

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