Toronto Sun’s Glare

It’s nice to know what the Toronto Sun thinks about Evangelicals (HT: relapsed catholic). Maybe next week the editors will reveal the secrets of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Robertson’s call to murder cast a spotlight on the growing power of the loopy religious far right, grouped under the banner of the Christian Coalition, which has grown into one of the most powerful political lobbies in America.

Robertson’s supporters are the single largest block of pro-Bush supporters and a core constituency for the war in Iraq. Nine out of 10 evangelicals voted for Bush.

The Coalition has largely intimidated the weak-kneed U.S. Congress. Christian fundamentalists now control a third of all national Republican state committee posts, and 41 of 51 Republican senators received a 100% approval rating from the Coalition.

Not all evangelicals belong to the hard right. Many blasted Robertson. But many think pretty much like Rev. Pat — and believe the U.S. must become a Protestant fundamentalist theocracy and impose dominion over the globe by military force. Such militant cultists often sound just like the most extreme Islamic fundamentalists.

These “Christian Zionists,” who are allies of the Israel’s hardline settler movement, also urge expansion of Israel and in gathering all Jews to the Holy Land. When this happens, they believe, the “end of days” will occur and the Earth will be destroyed (along with Jews and other non-Christians).

For these cheery folk, there’s no reason to worry about growing deficit, environmental destruction or resource depletion. Who cares? The world will soon end with a big bang.

We rarely see these militants because most are hidden away in deepest Bush Country: Trailer parks, the backwoods, NASCAR tracks, remote suburbs, and strip malls. But they now seem to have replaced fat-cat country club golfers as the Republican Party’s leading voter constituency.


  1. PLEASE tell me this is an editorial.

  2. Editorial: yes
    Worth putting in print: not so sure

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