GMail Gagged

GMail’s been down for hours. I wonder if it’s a combination of opening GMail to anyone who wants it and releasing an IM client that requires a GMail account. Probably more of the latter, as I don’t think anyone who really wanted Gmail was still waiting for it.

And now GMail has a new feature: you can send emails from your other email accounts:

The service just requires you to confirm that you own that email account. For this, they are just using a simple email confirmation where you have to receive a mail from the company on that account and than either press a verification link or pick the number from that mail and manually add it on the verification screen inside GMail.

In addition, you can also send with these mails a different Reply To address enabling the users to send you mail back on your GMail address whenever they reply to the mails sent through these alternative mail ids. Really convenient I would say. Now, if only Google let GMail check my other pop/smtp based accounts making it easier for managing all my mail ids from a single location!

I can’t wait to try it.

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