WordPress Comments Preview Plugin

I complained earlier that I could find no server-side WordPress plugin to preview comments. I wanted something that didn’t depend on JavaScript and actually filtered the comment so that it would look in the preview as it actually would be published. So I decided to write my own.

It does require editing a couple of lines in the

file, but I’m fairly sure that even most novices should be able to handle it. After doing that and uploading the plugin, one can do most of the configuration in the admin control panels.

Hopefully it will be of use to some. Let me know what you think.

Filosofo Comments Preview plugin



  1. super plugin thanks you

  2. Thanks! Great plugin! :)

  3. Very useful plugin. I search for somethink like this by google, and i found it here=]

  4. ilfilosofo rules :-) Thanks for your great work!!

  5. Does it work with the current version of WordPress?

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