Everything You Didn’t Want to Know about North Korean Propaganda

“You shameless aggressor, you would be well advised to behave with discretion!”

So warns the random insult generator at NK News, a site claiming to have

nearly every article published on the KCNA’s website, in English and Spanish, since Dec 2, 1996–over 50 MB of hard-core Stalinist propaganda! And each article written in that unique and indelible style of the KCNA.

The random insult generator combines lines from the official press releases of North Korea’s propaganda department. And there are plenty of insults to go around, especially directed at the U.S. Here’s a selection from a dispatch that shows ill feelings die hard:

The U.S. imperialists are the sworn enemy of the Korean people as they provoked the war of aggression against the DPRK in the 1950s, inflicting unspeakable misfortune and disasters upon the Koreans, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a signed article. It continues:

The U.S. imperialists acted the fool in a bid to mislead the world public opinion by giving impression that the DPRK was to blame for the outbreak of the war. The last Korean war was a war of aggression carefully prepared by them.

. . .

The Korean war was a war of barbarous genocide aimed to exterminate the Korean nation and wreck peace.

The U.S. crimes against peace and humanity will be cursed and censured by history and human conscience generation after generation.

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